extension Extending Gravity Forms

  • Add-On Framework

    Build Gravity Forms add-ons within minutes using the add-on framework. Create custom fields, settings, feeds, and more within minutes.

  • Add-Ons

    Just like the core Gravity Forms plugin, Gravity Forms add-ons are extensible too.

  • API

    Directly interact with Gravity Forms from within your plugin or theme.

  • Constants

    Need to set a constant? You'll find it here.

  • Field Framework

    Create custom form fields by using the field framework.

  • Functions

    Save time by using a function that already exists within Gravity Forms.

  • Hooks

    Just like WordPress, hundreds of actions and filters are at the heart of Gravity Forms to easily extend core functionality.

  • Snippets

    Don't waste time reinventing the wheel. If you need custom code, there's a good chance there's already a snippet for it.