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Gravity Wiz (website)

Created by one of the rocketgenius staff, Dave Smith, Gravity Wiz has tips, tricks and code snippets that will help add new features to Gravity Forms.

Check out for more information.

Gravity Perks (plugin)

Gravity Wiz also provides a paid service called Gravity Perks, a plugin and support package that gives you some useful features including:

  • Conditional Pricing (for dynamic product pricing)
  • Unique ID (for generating unique IDs)
  • Submission Preview (for providing a confirmation before submission)
  • Multi-page Form Navigation (for navigating more quickly between form pages)
  • Limit Choices (for providing the concept of inventory for your choices)
  • Copy Cat (for copying from one field to another)
  • And many more!

Check out Gravity Perks for more information.

Gravity Flow (plugin)

Another plugin by one of rocketgenius’ staff, Steve Henty. Gravity Flow allows you to automate your business processes. You can monitor, optimize & secure your workflow management with zero custom code.

Check out for more information.

Last modified: October 4, 2017