bookmark_borderTroubleshooting an Empty or Incomplete Settings Page

If you see a settings page that has missing or incomplete content, this article will show you how to resolve the issue.

Check Enabled PHP Extensions

If you are seeing an empty or incomplete settings page, this is often caused by required PHP extensions not being loaded on the server. While these extensions are extremely common on the majority of web servers, it may not be present for one reason or another.

The extensions that are typically required for many Gravity Forms add-ons are mbstring and curl.

Checking Your PHP Environment

To see how PHP is configured on the server, as well as what extensions are loaded, the phpinfo() function exists. To use it, place the following into a PHP file on your server:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

On this page, you should see sections titled mbstring and curl. If either of them are missing, they are not loaded within your environment.

Fixing Your PHP Environment

To fix the issue, you will likely need to contact your web host. If you maintain your own server or have root access, steps to installing these PHP extensions will drastically differ based on your specific environment.

Contacting Support

Before contacting support, be sure to follow all of the previous troubleshooting steps. This can often times save you from a bit of an embarrassing ticket where the issue is out of our control, as well as save time.

Upon contacting support, be sure to provide any related output that you have from logging. Often times, this is the first thing you will be asked to do when troubleshooting this issue over a ticket, so sending it ahead of time saves time.