bookmark_borderTroubleshooting Form Data Not Being Sent to a Service

Many of the add-ons that Gravity Forms offers require form data being sent to a 3rd party service, such as Dropbox. If you are having issues, here’s how to troubleshoot it.

Check Gravity Forms and Add-On versions

Be sure that Gravity Forms, as well as the add-on you are trying to use is completely up to date. Because of various changes that could take place either with the add-on or the service, keeping everything up to date ensures that something isn’t deprecated.

Check Your Feeds

Check to ensure that the feed for the add-on using the service exists and is enabled. In addition, be sure that if you are using conditional logic, that the conditions are met. If any of these are incorrect, the data will never be sent to the external service.

Enable Logging

If you are continuing to have issues and you are certain that everything is configured properly by following the previous steps, testing with logging enabled is the next step.

Simply enable logging of all messages for Gravity Forms core and the add-on, then test the form. Once done, check the logs within the Forms > Settings > Logging or Forms > System Status pages for any errors; particularly those relating to the response from the external service.

If you’re not able to see an issue within the logs, include the links to the logs in with your support ticket and we will be happy to help.