Autoresponder (deprecated)


The AutoResponder object contains the settings for the user’s notification, such as destination email field, email subject and body. It is defined as an associative array.

The AutoResponder object is deprecated as of Gravity Forms 1.7. It is replaced by the Notifications Object.


$form['autoResponder']['bcc'];     //returns the BCC email address
$form['autoResponder']['subjec']; //returns the email subject


  • toField string

    Id of an email field on the form whose value should be used as the destination email address.

  • from string

    If specified, forces the email to be sent from this address. If not specified, the email address configured in WordPress will be used.

  • replyTo string

    Contains the email address to be used as the reply to email address.

  • bcc string

    Contains the email address to be used as the bcc email address.

  • subject string

    Contains the subject of the email.

  • message string

    Contains the body/content of the email.

  • disableAutoformat boolean

    Determines if the email message should be formatted so that paragraphs are automatically added for new lines. 1 disables auto-formatting, 0 enables auto-formatting