checkGetting Started

Gravity Forms has revolutionized WordPress form creation and management since 2009. Get started with creating powerful forms in seconds, not hours.

  • Installation

    Installing Gravity Forms is a breeze. Here, you’ll find everything you need to get Gravity Forms installed within seconds.

  • Creating a Form

    Gravity Forms has been built from the ground up to be as simple to use as it is powerful. Creating a form has never been easier.

  • Configuring Notifications

    Keep track of every form submission, notify your users that their submission was successful, and more!

  • Embedding a Form

    Forms are only useful when someone can use them. Embed your forms directly into your content with ease.

  • Reviewing Form Submissions

    Easily review every submission to your forms in an easy to use interface.

favoritePopular Features

Whether you need basic WordPress forms or more advanced configurations using conditional logic and external services, Gravity Forms has the features you need.

  • Conditional Logic

    Conditional logic makes your forms endlessly powerful. Filter form actions such as notifications, confirmations, and much more with just a click of a button.

  • Save & Continue

    Sometimes long forms are a necessary evil. With Save and Continue, your users can come right back to where they left off.

  • File Uploads

    Adding file attachments to form submissions in Gravity Forms is a breeze. Securely allow your users to upload files with their entries.

  • Huge Add-On Library

    Gravity Forms is great on its own, but the true power lies in the add-ons in the Gravity Forms ecosystem.

codeDeveloper Docs

Gravity Forms is created by developers, for developers. Featuring hundreds of hooks, a robust add-on framework, advanced web API, and much more, you'll feel at home in that Gravity Forms ecosystem in no time.

  • Hooks

    Hooks are at the core of extending Gravity Forms. By utilizing hooks, you can change core Gravity Forms functionality with as little as a single line of code.

  • Add-On Framework

    Save development time by using the Gravity Forms add-on framework. Just a few lines of code will have you creating Gravity Forms add-ons within minutes, not hours.

  • Web API

    Interacting with Gravity Forms from an external source? The Gravity Forms web API is the way to go!

  • Helper Functions

    We’ve created tons of helper functions to assist with developing Gravity Forms. Increase your add-on development speed and security with these handy helper functions.