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The Enable Conditional Logic option allows you create rules to dynamically display or hide the field based on values from another field. Remember, to use conditional logic, you will need to create a drop down, checkbox, single line text or multiple choice field.

Conditional Logic Account Id

After enabling conditional logic for a field, you will have the option to show or hide the field depending on whether all/any of the conditions you specify are met. You can specify additional conditions by clicking the plus icon to right of the conditions. Clicking the minus sign will remove the corresponding condition.

Basic Conditional Logic Example

Conditional Logic Account Id

In this example, we will use conditional logic to show different products based on a parent category. A dropdown field will determine what products may be purchased based on the current selection.

  1. basic-conditional-logic-1First, set up your fields. As we will be using a dropdown to handle the display of various products, start off by creating a single dropdown, a few product fields, and a total field to display the order total. In this example, we have created 3 different options within the dropdown for Jeep, Ford, and Honda, as well as product fields such as Wrangler, Cherokee, and Mustang.
  2. basic-conditionl-logic-2As we want to Jeep models to show up when Jeep is selected, Ford models when Ford is selected, and Honda models when Honda is selected, we will need to enable conditional logic on each of these products. Open the options on one of your products by flicking on the field, and click on the Advanced tab.
  3. basic-conditional-logic-3Within this tab, you should see a checkbox labeled Enable Conditional Logic. If you check this checkbox, the options to conditionally display or hide this field will be shown.
  4. basic-conditional-logic-4On each of your products, simply enable conditional logic, and use the dropdowns to only show when your dropdown equals the desired selection. For example, for our Wrangler product, we have set it to only show if the Option field equals Jeep.

That’s all there is to creating basic conditional logic within products. You should now be able to conditionally show or hide fields based on other fields in your form.

Last modified: October 4, 2017