Adding A Form To Your Site

This documentation section links to articles that cover the primary ways to embed a form into your website. You will need a page or a post to include your form on, but once you have that, all the standard WordPress embedding methods are available. Choose the one you are most comfortable with.

For the best experience, use option 1, our Embed Form button!

  1. Embed Form Button: Use the Embed Form button in the Form Editor to add the form to a new or existing post or page (available with Gravity Forms 2.6 or later).
  2. Block Editor: Learn how to add a form using the Gravity Forms block in the block-based post or page editor (also known as the Gutenberg editor; available with WordPress 5 and greater).
  3. Theme File or Hooks: Advanced users can embed forms using function calls within the site's theme files.
  4. Classic Editor: Add the form to a post or page using the Add Form button, or manually insert the shortcode (for WordPress 4.9 or older, or users of the Classic Editor plugin).

Refer to this linked document for additional detail regarding shortcodes, and how they constructed when adding a form to your site.