Setting Up the FreshBooks (Classic) Add-On

Deprecation notice: As of mid-2022, the FreshBooks (Classic) product and API have been discontinued by FreshBooks. This add-on is no longer available for download.
If you would like Gravity Forms to consider supporting other FreshBooks products, you can register your interest on our Product Feature Roadmap page.


Please note that when using the FreshBooks Add-On you are limited to the capabilities of the FreshBooks account you have signed up for. Limitations include the number of clients you can create, so be sure to have a FreshBooks account that will be able to handle the level of integration you choose to implement.


  1. Log into your WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. On the left side navigation menu, hover over Forms and click on Settings.
  3. From this page, click the FreshBooks tab.
  4. Enter your Site Name and Authorization Token. If you need help finding this, refer to the Obtaining and Saving your FreshBooks API Credentials article.
  5. Click Update Settings. If you’ve entered your account information correctly, you will be notified by green check marks beside each box. If you do not see green check marks, please double check this information and try again.

Once you have entered your API key, you’re ready to begin creating a feed for the FreshBooks Add-On.