The gform_settings_display_license_details filter is used to control display of the license details panel on the Forms > Settings page.


The filter which runs for all would be used like so:

add_filter( 'gform_settings_display_license_details', 'your_function_name' );


  • $display_license_details bool

    Indicates if the license details panel should be displayed. Default is true.


Remove license details

This example would remove the “Your License Details” panel from the Forms > Settings page.

add_filter( 'gform_settings_display_license_details', '__return_false' );


This code can be used in the functions.php file of the active theme, a custom functions plugin, a custom add-on, or with a code snippets plugin.

See also the PHP section in this article: Where Do I Put This Code?


The Setup Wizard establishes a flag for display off license details when you complete it, and that value is saved in the database (and can be modified with additional executions of the setup wizard). This filter will check that database value and then apply it’s own setting if the stored value is found to be FALSE.

As such, a FALSE value from either the Setup Wizard (database stored) or this filter will hide the license details panel.


This filter was added in Gravity Forms v2.5.16.4.

Source Code

This filter is located in GFSettings::plugin_settings_fields() in settings.php.