Invoice/Estimate Settings in the FreshBooks (Classic) Add-On Feeds

Deprecation notice: As of mid-2022, the FreshBooks (Classic) product and API have been discontinued by FreshBooks. This add-on is no longer available for download.
If you would like Gravity Forms to consider supporting other FreshBooks products, you can register your interest on our Product Feature Roadmap page.

Within the feed settings of the FreshBooks Add-On, you may have noticed that you are able to easily create invoices and estimates using your form submission data. In this article, we will show you how to do so.

Note: This article assumes you have selected Invoice or Estimate for the Also Create option in the FreshBooks Add-On settings. If you need help locating this option, take a look at the creating feeds for the FreshBooks Add-On article.

Invoice Sending

By default, the FreshBooks Add-On creates invoices/estimates as drafts and does not automatically send them. If you would like FreshbBooks to automatically send the invoice to the customer, select the option labeled Send Invoice/Estimate By Email.

PO Numbers

By default, the FreshBooks Add-On will not set a PO number. If you want to set a PO number, you can use the PO Number dropdown to select the field that will contain it.


Discounts can be applied using the Discount option and are applied to all invoices/estimates created by this feed. Entering a number here will apply that percentage discount to the total invoice/estimate amount.

If you want to set a specific numerical amount to discount, consider using form calculations instead.

Line Items

Within the Line Items option, you can specifically set line items that you want to display within the invoice/estimate. By default, all product fields on the form will be used.

When selecting Fixed Costs and Quantities, additional settings will appear. Within these settings, you can select your products and provide custom data for them such as Description, Unit Cost, and Quantity.


If you want to set any notes for the invoice/estimate created in FreshBooks, you can use the Notes setting to do so. Inside the text box, you can enter the note that you want displayed, as well as use merge tags to generate dynamic content.

To review and insert available merge tags, you can use the icon to the right of the field.


If you have terms that apply to the generated invoice/estimate, you can enter them within the Terms setting. Note that this option only supports static content, so merge tags cannot be used here. If you want to set terms for different invoices/estimates, you may want to create multiple feeds and use conditional logic.