Confirmations List Page


The Confirmation list page allows you to see all the confirmations for a particular form.

As of Gravity Forms 2.4, the list of confirmations may be sorted alphabetically by clicking on the “Name” column header.

Hovering over the confirmation name reveals the quick toolbar confirmation actions, each of which is described below:

Confirmations List Page Image

Quick Toobar Actions

  • Active/Inactive: Active sets the current confirmation to use. Inactive means the confirmation is there but it is not currently in use.
  • Edit allows to make any modifications to your confirmations.
  • Duplicate will make a copy of that entire confirmation.
  • Delete permanently removes the confirmation. This cannot be undone.

Confirmation Columns

  • Name of your confirmation. The list may be sorted alphabetically by clicking on the column header.
  • Type: Different types of confirmations are listed. The Text confirmation will produce text you have entered in that field. The Page type links to the WordPress related page you have specified. The Redirect will redirect you to the URL you have provided. See Confirmation Settings for more information on types.
  • Content is the information that is included in the type you have specified. Ex: Type (redirect) Content (

Editing A Confirmation

For information on configuring a confirmation, refer to this help article.

Default Confirmation

A form needs to always process one confirmation, and therefore the Default Confirmation cannot be deleted, removed, or inactivated.

To display a custom confirmation message, you will need to edit the Default Confirmation or create a new confirmation with conditional logic enabled appropriately. The Default Confirmation will be used if the logic fails on all other confirmations.