Gravity Forms 2.8 Key Features


Gravity Forms 2.8 is now available as an update for all Gravity Forms customers with an active license. This article covers some main areas of what is included in that release. For full details, refer to the product changelog.

Compact View

The major feature of this release is a brand-new Form Editor display mode that users can take advantage of to view their forms within the Form Editor using a smaller footprint. We are calling it “Compact View”.

This view provides a great way for your form administrator to review and navigate their way around very large forms. It compresses all your fields down to a single line, displaying a few key identifying features, while still respecting your field layout order, your columns, and providing access to many standard field actions.

For more information on the Compact View and it’s related settings, refer to this overview guide.

Updates For Developers

After feedback and consideration, we did much work in this release to refactor the Theme Framework, which powers the Orbital theme. This was done to improve performance for plugin developers. This is a major update to the Theme Framework and it includes breaking changes. Refer to this guide to see what the changes were and view examples of upgrading your use of the Theme Framework from v2.7 to 2.8.