Rest API Changelog


  • Updated the POST /forms/<form-id>/entries endpoint to override the form_id entry property with the Form ID in the URL.
  • Updated the GET /forms/<form-id>/entries endpoint to return only active entries by default.


  • Added the Location header when the confirmation is a redirect.
  • Added sanitization to the /forms endpoint.
  • Added the POST /entries/<entry-id>/notifications endpoint which (re)sends notifications.
  • Added the _fields query param to the GET /entries, GET /entries/<entry-id> and GET /forms/</entries endpoints. See
  • Added the include query param to the GET /entries.
  • Fixed the status code for invalid submissions.
  • Changed the ‘labels’ query param to ‘_labels’ to match WP API properties.
  • Removed the GET /entries/<entry-id>/fields/<field-ids> and GET /forms/<fom-id>/entries/<entry-id>/fields/<field-ids> endpoints
  • Removed support for semicolon separated entry IDs in the GET /entries endpoint. Use the include query param instead.


  • Added support for optional labels to the GET /entries endpoint.
  • Added support for entry trashing. Entries can only be deleted by sending the force param.
  • Added support for form trashing. Forms can only be deleted by sending the force param.
  • Changed the POST, PUT and DELETE endpoints for forms and entries to return the form/entry on success.
  • Fixed an issue with PUT /entries/[ID].
  • Removed the PUT /entries endpoint. Use PUT /entries/[ID] instead.
  • Removed authentication. Use WordPress REST API authentication instead.


  • All new.