Getting Started


Form List Page

The forms list page displays a list of all your forms. From this page you can manage and edit your existing forms and get a quick rundown on basic analytics such as views, number of entries, and the conversation ratio.

Dashboard Widget

This widget provides you with some basic information about the forms you have created. You can quickly see which forms have unread entries, how many unread entries, and the total number of entries on a form by form basis.

Gravity Forms Settings Page

The Settings area of Gravity Forms is where you can set the plug-in wide settings, as well as the CAPTCHA options.

Adding a Form Using the Classic Editor

Learn how to add a form to a page or post using the classic editor.

Access Your Form Settings

This article shows a few different ways to access the Form Settings screen in Gravity Forms.

Creating a Form Shortcode

Summary WordPress shortcodes allow users to perform certain actions as well as display predefined items within WordPress pages and posts.

Importing a Form

Importing a form is easy due to the simplicity of the import/export tool. Learn how to easily import a form that you have previously exported using Gravity Forms.

Exporting a Form

We have provided a tool within Gravity Forms that exports your forms with just a few clicks, making it easy to move or backup your data. Learn how to easily export any forms you have created using Gravity Forms.

Video Tutorials

Click this link to see our sequence of three very short videos to quickly get you through the basics of downloading, installing, creating a form, embedding a form, and even installing and connecting a sample add-on.

“How To” Blog Posts

Blog The official Gravity Forms Blog is a fantastic resource for keeping up to date on new releases, promotions, product updates, partner releases, tips and tricks and more.