Gravity Forms Settings Page


The Gravity Forms Settings panel within your WordPress admin area is where you can set various plugin wide options. To navigate to the settings panel, hover over “Forms” in your WordPress admin sidebar, and choose “Settings”. If you do not have a Forms panel in the sidebar, then you will need to install Gravity Forms first and make sure it has been activated via your WordPress admin Plugins settings.

General Settings

Support License KeyEnter your support license key in this field. Your support license key is used to access automatic updates.
Your License DetailsProvides details of the license to which the site has been connected.
Default CurrencySelect the Currency setting for all forms on this website.
LoggingEnable if you would like logging within Gravity Forms. Logging allows you to easily debug the inner workings of Gravity Forms to solve any possible issues.
Default Form ThemeThis theme will be used by default everywhere forms are embedded on your site.
Toolbar MenuWhen enabled, it will display the Forms menu in the WordPress top toolbar. The menu will list the ten most recently edited forms.
Automatic Background UpdatesEnabling this will allow WordPress to automatically install Gravity Forms updates. It requires a valid license key. This setting is synchronised with the enable/disable auto-updates link in the Automatic Updates column on the Plugins > Installed Plugins page.
No Conflict Mode
Enable to prevent scripts and styles enqueued by themes and other plugins from being printed on Gravity Forms admin pages. This does not impact front-end pages.
Data CollectionEnabling this option allows Gravity Forms to run additional data collection in order to improve the plugin and customer experience.

The following settings have been deprecated or removed as of version 2.8.

Output Default CSSDeprecatedOutputs Gravity Forms default CSS. Disable this if you plan to create your own CSS. Note that this setting is being deprecated in the future in favor of Form Themes.
Output HTML5RemovedDisable this option if you would like to prevent the plugin from outputting HTML5 form fields.

reCAPTCHA v2 Settings

Note that reCAPTCHA v2 settings (and the new reCAPTCHA v3 functionality) are now available with the dedicated Gravity Forms reCAPTCHA Add-On. Refer to that documentation here.

The Gravity Forms Captcha field integrates with reCAPTCHA version 2, a free Google service that helps protect your forms from spambots. To use this service, you will need to set up your Classic v2 API keys and choose your type here.

reCAPTCHA Settings in Forms, Settings, reCAPTCHA in Gravity Forms

reCaptcha API Keys

A matched pair containing a site key and a secret key are required to link the reCAPTCHA v2 service to your Gravity Forms site installation. You will need to sign up for a free account to get your keys. From there, you can generate one or more pairs of the type of reCAPTCHA Classic keys you wish to implement.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to use the correct domain value during the key setup at your reCAPTCHA account. The value can’t contain the protocol prefix, it’s recommended to use just the domain without www. or anything. If your site URL is we recommend you to use


If you use an invalid domain value during the setup, the reCAPTCHA field will display an Invalid domain for site key error.

Site Key and Secret Key

Enter your key pair here.


As of Gravity Forms v2.4.7, Gravity Forms’ Captcha field supports the reCaptcha Classic types of v2 Checkbox and v2 Invisible. reCAPTCHA Enterprise keys are not supported.

The checkbox keys will only allow you to add a v2 checkbox on your form, while v2 Invisible keys will allow you to choose either v2 reCaptcha type. Note that this is a site wide setting, and as such, you cannot vary the reCaptcha type used from form to form on the same site.

Choose the reCaptcha v2 type you want, from the choices of Checkbox or Invisible. If your keys are compatible will see the reCaptcha box and be asked to complete it to finalize your setup.

reCaptcha Settings with Checkbox Validation

If you enter a key pair for checkbox and try to select invisible reCaptcha, the Google service will return an error message within the reCaptcha frame.

reCAPTCHA with Invisible checked showing invalid message from Google when only Checkbox is configured.

An invisible key pair is valid for either type, working with v2 checkbox and v2 invisible.