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Configuring Notifications in Gravity Forms

It can be quite helpful to receive a notification when a user submits a form. This ensures that you do not have to constantly check your form submissions to see if anything has been submitted. Discover how to configure these notifications for your forms.

Email Routing in Gravity Forms Notifications

Each Gravity Forms notification has the option of additional email routing. This is similar to conditional logic in that different events can cause the notification to go to a different recipient. Learn how to configure the routing options within your notification.

Resend Notifications

If you failed to receive a notification, Gravity Forms makes it easy to re-send that notification with just a few simple clicks.

Sending Notifications for Recurring Subscription Actions

At times, you may want to configure notifications so that users are notified when changing their subscription. This is especially useful for sending an email to a user when they start, cancel, or renew a subscription.

Confirmations List Page

The confirmation list page allows you to see all of the confirmations for a particular form, as well as manage settings like activate/inactive, edit, duplicate, and delete.

Configuring Confirmations

When a user submits a form, they are presented with a message, or directed to a new page. By default, this is a simple message letting them know that the form has been successfully submitted and thanking them for their submission. Discover how to change this confirmation message, as well as create custom confirmation messages based on the content that is submitted.

Conditional Logic in Gravity Forms Confirmations

Sometimes you may want to send a user to a different page or display different information to them based on what they submit within the form. Learn how to accomplish this by using conditional logic within your form confirmation messages.

Gravity Forms Notification Events

Notifications let you know when a form has been successfully submitted. Several notification events are available within Gravity Forms, as well as events for additional add-ons. Discover the different notification events that are available, such as form is submitted, payment completed, subscription created, and many others.

Troubleshooting Notifications

Gravity Forms uses WordPress’ built-in sendmail (wp-mail.php) to send its e-mail notifications. If you are having trouble sending or receiving Notifications, please try the following steps.

Common Questions Regarding Notifications

This articles answers several of the Frequently Asked Questions regarding Notifications within the Gravity Forms plugin.