bookmark_borderChanging Your Form’s Background Color

If you need to change your form’s background color, you can either do it with a plugin or make a quick change to your theme’s CSS.

Using A Plugin (No Code Required)

There’s a 3rd-party plugin that will allow you to make various styling changes to your forms. You can get it at the following:

Styler for Gravity Forms

CSS Example (Code Required)

If you want to make the change using CSS, here’s a snippet that you can modify and implement to change the form’s background color:

All Forms Example

This will change the background color for all forms.

body .gform_wrapper {
    background-color: yellow;

Single Form Example

This will target a specific form. Replace #gform_wrapper_1 to reflect your form ID. For example, if you want to target form ID 5, change this to #gform_wrapper_5.

body #gform_wrapper_1 {
    background-color: yellow;