Downloading the Gravity Forms Plugin and Add-Ons


Which add-ons you will have access to is determined by the type of active Gravity Forms license you purchased. Refer to this page for a comparison.

Access to files and updates is available only to active Gravity Forms licenses. If you have multiple active licenses in your account, you will receive access to all the add-ons available to each of those license levels.

See this page for a list of add-ons and the license level they are available with.

Download via the Gravity Forms Website

From your Gravity Forms account dashboard, go to the Your Downloads section.

Gravity Forms Account dashboard
  1. Locate Gravity Forms (core) in the list of downloads.
  2. Click on the Download link or icon to the right of the name.
NOTE: Files will download in the ZIP archive file format. Do not unzip it (or allow your browser to unzip it automatically). When you install it, you will upload it in the ZIP format. If your file was unzipped automatically on download, see this article for a possible solution.

Install via WordPress admin

  1. Login to your WordPress site’s admin dashboard.
  2. Go to the admin area Forms > Add-Ons. From here you can install directly to your site any official Gravity Forms add-on that is permitted by your license level.
Image: Gravity Forms Add-Ons as seen within the WordPress admin area.