Updating Your Account Details


This article shows what you need to do in order to update the various profile and account information you have attached to your Gravity Forms account. The chapters after this table will provide details on how to perform each of these updates. If you don’t remember the email account you used, please contact us.

To update this:Go here:Instructions:
Account NameAccount → Your ProfileSteps
OrganizationAccount → Your ProfileSteps
Account Email addressAccount → Your ProfileSteps
PasswordAccount → Your ProfileSteps
Payment MethodAccount → Your LicensesSteps
Your receiptAccount → Your LicensesSteps
VAT or Tax IDAccount → Your Licenses → Manage License📙 Guide

Changing Account Name and Organization

From your Gravity Forms account dashboard, go to the Your Profile area.

Dashboard page within the Gravity Forms account.
  1. Change the name or organization fields.
  2. Complete the captcha check.
  3. Click the I’m Done. Update My Profile button.

Changing your Email Address

To change your password from within your Gravity Forms account dashboard, go to the Your Profile area.

  1. Change the current email address to the desired new email address.
  2. Complete the captcha check.
  3. Click the I’m Done. Update My Profile button.
    Your email address change is not yet complete! A verification email has been sent to the new email address, to confirm correct entry and finalize the change.
  4. Find your verification email, and click the Confirm Email Address Change and the email change process will be completed.

And don’t forget that your email address is used as your account login, so remember to check any saved records you may have in a password manager etc. and update the email details there as well.

If you wish to reset your password because you have forgotten it, see this help article.

Changing your password

From your Gravity Forms account dashboard, go to the Your Profile section.

  1. Enter your current password in the Current Password field.
  2. Enter your new password into the New Password field and the Confirm Password field. A strength indicator indicate the quality of your chosen password. Make sure you record it somewhere!
  3. Click Change Password. Your changes will be saved straight away, and a confirmation message will be presented.

Protect Your Password!

As anyone who uses the web knows, your password is valuable! Providing access to your account allows a user to revoke sites, change the email address, or even irrevocably transfer a license to another user.

Follow all the normal password safety recommendations with your Gravity Forms password, such as changing it periodically, not reusing passwords across multiple sites, and do not provide it to other parties without understanding the consequences of giving someone full access to your entire account.

If you must provide a license to a contractor or third party developer for work on your website, we always recommend just providing them the license key for the project. You can see and copy the license key from your License dashboard.

Changing Your Payment Method

A payment method is associated with a specific license. So to change a payment method, you must change it in any license it is associated to.

See this article for full details: Updating your payment method.

Modifying Your Receipt

You can make quick edits to your receipt in order to reprint it, such as when you have the wrong address listed or similar. Your receipt can be accessed from within the Your Licenses area, by choosing Manage License for the specific license and then viewing the Transactions.

See this guide for more information. Note that receipt edits are temporary, and will not modify any aspects of you profile.