Finding Your Gravity Forms Account


Sometimes you may find you have a Gravity Forms license key in use on your site, but do not know or cannot remember exactly which Gravity Forms account that owns it. This stops you from logging in and performing account management operations like updating a payment method, as well as some license operations such as reviewing your site list or canceling an auto-renewal.

There are a couple of approaches you can use to try and find out the Gravity Forms account.

Finding A Gravity Forms Account

The approach to finding an account depends on what information you have.

IMPORTANT NOTE: we can not always identify a third party owner to you due to our privacy policies related to customer data.

Using a Gravity Forms license key on your website does not mean you have a right to the Gravity Forms account that holds that license key. The account owner is defined as the owner of the email address the account is held under, and identifying information can only be provided to that validated user in most circumstances.

I think I remember the account email…

If you have a few commonly used email addresses for sign-ups, then try using the Password Reset functionality on our Gravity Forms account page to see if the account exists.

You can request a password reset email here:

Don’t forget to check your Bulk or Spam folders. Password Reset emails often trigger spam checks and result in your legitimate request being dumped into an unseen Bulk or Suspicious folder by your email service.

Once you have reset the password and logged in you’ll be able to view your profile, licenses, and access the downloads here:

I have no clue as to what the account email might be…

You may have inherited the website with Gravity Forms installed from a previous employee, design agency or third party. This might mean that you have no idea what email address the account is held under.

We can search for your license key using some key data, and then identify the holding account.

To try and locate the owning account, reach out to the General Questions support channel for assistance, and provide some of the following information.

If you know the license only from the website it is on:

  • Provide the URL of the website where you think the license is in use

If you know the license key number:

  • Provide the license key to us.

If you know only the charge on your credit card, the provide us the following transaction details:

  • Payment method details (e.g. PayPal account email or last 4 digits of credit card used)
  • Date of the transaction.
  • Amount of the transaction
  • Full Name on the Credit or Debit Card

From there we can try to find the account by working backwards from the transaction.

I used an agency or contractor to setup my website, and they never gave me the license

If you know the license is owned by a third party, then you will have to reach out to them directly. Only the account owner can perform certain operations, such as requesting technical support, or transferring the license to you.

If you have no recollection of who you used, or no method to contact the site developer you think probably holds the license key, then we recommend you purchase a new license and register it on your site. This can be done without any disruption to your forms or form data, and is the only way to guarantee you have full control over your key moving forward.

You can purchase on our website. Be sure to obtain the license type that has access to all the add-ons and meets the site count you require. For a quick comparison of license types, see this help guide.