Gravity Forms License Types


This article contains an overview of all the major license types that Gravity Forms has offered. Note that some of these licenses are no longer available for purchase, or their availability may be limited to other special offers. Refer to our pricing and features page for all currently available licenses.

Current License Types

We currently offer the following licenses for sale through

  • Gravity Forms Basic License
  • Gravity Forms Pro License
  • Gravity Forms Elite License

Refer to our pricing page for a list of currently available licenses. That page overrides anything in this document, and may be updated or modified from time to time without notice. We also offer a Nonprofit license for registered charity organizations via an application and review process.

Access to Support?Yes, Standard SupportYes, Standard SupportYes, Priority Support
Access to Add-Ons?Basic add-ons(1)Basic and Pro add-ons(1)Basic, Pro & Elite add-ons(1)
Site Limit13Unlimited
Permitted on Multisite installations?NoNoYes
Can downgrade?NoNoNo
Can upgrade?To Pro or Elite(2)To Elite(2)Not currently upgradeable
Can be transferred?Yes(3)Yes(3)Yes(3)
Access to Gravity SMTP core?(4)No(4)No(4)Yes(4)


(1) For a list of specific add-ons and their category, refer to our Gravity Forms website Add-On page.

(2) See this guide for information on upgrades.

(3) See this guide for information on transferring your license.

(4) Gravity SMTP is a new product from the inventors of Gravity Forms. At 1.0 launch, the core plugin is available to all users with an active Gravity Forms Elite subscription. Refer to this FAQ for more information on the rollout and who has access.

Other Licenses Types

The following license types are offered via other mechanisms, such as third-party partnerships or special/limited application processes.

FeatureGravity Forms Nonprofit LicenseGravityView StarterGravity Flow StarterGoDaddy Starter
Access to Support?Yes, Standard SupportYes, Standard SupportYes, Standard SupportNo
Access to Add-Ons?Yes. See this page. NoneNoneNone
Site Limit3111
Permitted on Multisite installations?NoNoNoNo
Can downgrade?NoNoNoNo
Can upgrade?No. To Basic, Pro or Elite.To Basic, Pro or Elite.To Basic, Pro or Elite.

Legacy License Types

  • Gravity Forms Personal Legacy License
  • Gravity Forms Business Legacy License
  • Gravity Forms Developer Legacy License

These licenses were offered in the early days of Gravity Forms, but are no longer for sale. For those customers who had previously purchased them, we do allow upgrades to current licenses, as well as permitting them to continue maintaining an active legacy license by keeping up to date with all renewal payments. Refer to our Legacy License FAQ for all the details regarding the legacy license types.

Additional Info

Refer to our terms and conditions for important additional information.