Canceling (and Restarting) Gravity Forms License Auto-Renewals


With the exception of some legacy licenses, all subscriptions will automatically renew; there is no way to renew a license manually.

If a subscription is canceled, licenses contained in that subscription will still be valid for downloads and support until the listed expiration date. On the expiration date, you will cease to be able to download any of the related products, and you will no longer receive access to Gravity Forms Support. If you would like to continue using Gravity Forms after your license expires, you will need to purchase a new license and change any existing sites to the new license key.

❗Warning: An expired license cannot be renewed or upgraded.

How do I cancel the auto-renewal?

To cancel renewals on the subscription attached to your license, do the following:

  1. Log in to your Gravity Forms account page, select the license you would like to manage, and then click Manage Subscription.
  2. On the Manage Subscription page, you can see when your subscription renews in the Next Payment field. To stop re-billing on that future date, click the Cancel Future Renewals button.
Gravity Forms Manage Subscription screen.
Manage subscriptions screen.
  1. Read the message presented on the next screen. If agreed, click the Yes, Stop Automatic Renewals button.

Note: Canceling a subscription cancels renewals for all licenses contained within that subscription.

Cancel subscription choices dialog.
  1. You can Confirm in the next dialog, and you should receive a success message if all went well.
Message displayed after successful canceling of auto-renew.

Restarting a canceled subscription

You can restart renewals on a canceled subscription if you change your mind before the license expiry date. Go to your License list and looking for the “Restart Your subscription” option. If available, it will be shown in the notice box below your license key.

Warning box displayed for  canceled subscriptions.

Note that this option will only appear if your license is valid for restart, meaning:

  • Your license has not expired. If your license has passed it’s expiry date, you will need to purchase a new license. Contact support for additional help.
  • AND the license you are attempting to restart was previously under a subscription. This option may not show for some license types, such as limited “giveaways”, “starter licenses” or deprecated legacy license types.

A successful restart will be greeted by a browser message. This will restart all licenses that were previously included in that subscription with the same payment method and renewal dates as the subscription had before.

Message displayed on a successful Gravity Forms subscription restart.

If you run into an issue on restart, contact our Support team.

What happens when my license expires?

Please see “What happens if my license expires?”