Canceling (and Restarting) Gravity Forms License Auto-Renewals


With the exception of some legacy licenses, all licenses will automatically renew; there is no way to manually renew your license.

WARNING: Canceled licenses cannot be renewed or upgraded.

If a license subscription is canceled, it will still be valid for downloads and support until the listed expiration date. On the expiration date, you will cease to be able to download Gravity Forms or official Gravity Forms add-ons and will no longer receive access to Gravity Forms support. If you would like to continue using Gravity Forms after your license expires, you will need to purchase a new license and change any existing sites to the new license key.

How do I cancel the auto-renewal?

To cancel the subscription attached to your license:

  1. Log in to your Gravity Forms account page, select the license you would like to manage then click Manage License.

You can see when your license renews under Next Payment.

Screenshot of License Details

2. To cancel the auto-renewal, click on the three dots to the right of the blue Upgrade License button. Then select Cancel.

Screenshot of Manage License Settings - Ellipsis Options

3. To cancel automatic renewals only, click the Yes, Stop Automatic Renewals button.

Screenshot of Cancel/Refund License

Restarting a canceled subscription

You can restart a canceled subscription simply by clicking the “Restart Your subscription” option shown in the notice below your license key.

Note that this option will only appear if your license is valid for restart, meaning:

  • Your license is active. That is, the expiry date has not passed. If your license has expired, you will need to purchase a new license. Contact support for additional help.
  • AND your license was previously under a subscription. This option may not work with some limited time “giveaways” or “starter” licenses.

What happens when my license expires?

Please see “What happens if my license expires?”