Obtaining a Refund

Refund requests received via email, social media, our general contact form or other means will be disregarded.

Note that the following is a summary only. For the full and current conditions of refunds, please review our official refund policy terms.

Which transactions are refundable?

We will refund any transaction you have made for a Gravity Forms official product within the last 30 days, no questions asked, whether it was an original purchase or an upgrade transaction.

Can I get a refund if I have upgraded my license?

Yes. The same conditions as stated above still apply.

If you have both purchased and upgraded within thirty days, we will refund both transactions automatically. If only your upgrade is within the last 30 days, only that transaction will be refunded.

Note that you cannot downgrade an already upgraded license. So if you request a refund of an upgrade transaction, your license will still be immediately canceled (not downgraded to the previous license type) and any transaction older than 30 days for that license will not be refunded.

What happens when I submit a refund request?

Your license and subscription will be canceled immediately at the time of you submit your refund request. We will process the request within a few days, and you will receive notification of completion. Note that your financial institution may take a few extra days to display your refund.

Refunds can only be provided to the same payment method that was used to purchase.

So how do I submit a refund request?

Without Access to an Account

Just go to our refund page, and follow the instructions there.

With Access to an Account

  1. Log in to your Gravity Forms account page, select the license you would like to manage then click Manage License.
  2. To cancel the auto-renewal, click on the three dots to the right of the blue Upgrade License button. Then select Cancel.
Screenshot of Manage License Settings - Ellipsis Options

3. To cancel automatic renewals only, click the Yes, Stop Automatic Renewals button.

Screenshot of Cancel/Refund License