About GoDaddy Starter Licenses


Up until 2023, GoDaddy managed WordPress accounts would include a free one-year Gravity Forms Starter license. You can read more below if you wish to learn which features were provided with that starter license and what was not included. This offer is no longer running.

What does Gravity Forms provide with a GoDaddy starter license?

A GoDaddy starter license provides:
– access to automatic updates and future releases of Gravity Forms (core plugin)
– access to the normal GoDaddy support and services you are entitled to

It does not provide access to:
– official Gravity Forms add-ons
– access to Gravity Forms official support

Can I get any help from Gravity Forms for my GoDaddy starter license?

We will happily answer simple Contact Us questions and refer you to our public help documentation for questions regarding installation, updates, how to upgrade your license, etc.

For anything more complex, such as help with setup, conflicts, debugging forms, etc, you will need to purchase a paid Gravity Forms license, which allows you to open a Gravity Forms support ticket here.

How can I see the license key for my GoDaddy Starter license?

A GoDaddy starter license is installed for your GoDaddy website automatically. You do not receive (nor do you need) a license key.

Do I have a Gravity Forms account to go with my GoDaddy license?

No, Gravity Forms accounts are not created for GoDaddy starter licenses, and these licenses are not linked to our account system. You would need to purchase a license from Gravity Forms in order to obtain a full Gravity Forms account.

You can purchase directly from us but keep an eye out for special offer banners on your WordPress dashboard. These may snag you a discount on your upgrade, offered just to GoDaddy starter license customers!

I’ve switched my website hosting; can I transfer my GoDaddy starter license?

No, you cannot. The Starter license is usable only on a GoDaddy hosted website. You would need to purchase a new Gravity Forms license.