Deprecation of the Rocketgenius Namespace for Gravity Forms 2.5


The top-level Rocketgenius namespace is being replaced with Gravity_Forms. These changes may break third party add-ons using the old namespace, even though they may have tested fine in previous beta releases of Gravity Forms 2.5

These namespaces were introduced in Gravity Forms 2.5, and none of them existed in any previous release of Gravity Forms. As such, this change has the potential to affect beta testers only.

Affected Areas

Add-ons which are extending any class which previously had a Rocketgenius namespace will need to update those class references to Gravity_Forms.

These include:

  • Rocketgenius\Gravity_Forms\Settings is now Gravity_Forms\Gravity_Forms\Settings\Settings
  • Rocketgenius\Gravity_Forms\Fields\, are all now Gravity_Forms\Gravity_Forms\Fields\
  • Rocketgenius\Gravity_Forms\TranslationsPress_Updater is now Gravity_Forms\Gravity_Forms\TranslationsPress_Updater

Additionally, if developers solutions are requiring any of the class files referenced above in their own add-ons, they’ll need to update those references, as well.

Additional updates

  • Changing the fully-qualified namespace for the new Settings class from Rocketgenius\Gravity_Forms to Gravity_Forms\Gravity_Forms\Settings, because the Settings class file is in the settings subdirectory (thus, it now has the same namespace as the adjacent Fields class in the same directory.
  • Renaming class files for Checkbox_And_Select and Text_And_Select to class-checkbox-and-select.php and class-text-and-select.php, respectively.
  • Renaming the class file for TranslationsPress_Updater from class-t15s-updater.php to class-translationspress-updater.php, and updating associated require statements for that class file.

Moving Forward

This namespace update reflects the newly established standard for current and future Gravity Forms product development. Our expectation is that these namespaces will not change again. Any new classes which get added to Gravity Forms core or official Gravity Forms add-ons, will include the Gravity_Forms top-level namespace only.