Taking a Screenshot of Your Feed Settings


Sometimes when requesting technical support, our Support Engineers (or the ticket form) may request a screenshot of your feed settings.

This small guide gives a little advice on taking a good screenshot.

Navigate To your Feed Settings

The feed settings we are interested in can be accessed by clicking the Settings button at the top of the form editor page.

  1. Navigate to the form in question.
  2. Click or hover over Settings at top.
  3. Scroll down and choose the add-on you need help with. You will be presented with a screens showing a list of feeds for that add-on.
  4. Click Edit on the feed you need help with.

This will place you on the feed settings screen we need.

Taking A Screenshot

Most operating systems have some screenshot taking functionality built in. Here’s some help for the most popular OSs:

Alternatively, there are dozens of good third party screenshot taking apps available in your application marketplace. Here’s one many that many of our Mac using team members love: https://cleanshot.com/

  • Make sure to include field mappings, options, and conditional logic in the image.
  • Sometimes the feed settings are too large to get a single screenshot of it all. If your screenshot software cannot support full page screenshots, then zoom out the view of your browser first. CMD – (command key and minus/dash key) on MacOS or CTRL – (command key and minus/dash key) on Windows. You can also take multiple screenshots if it is clearer.

Now you should have something to send us. A good screenshot can really get Support Team excited!