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What is Gravity Forms?

Gravity Forms is a plugin for WordPress. It allows you to quickly create data collection forms, polls and surveys for your WordPress website.

What are the requirements to run Gravity Forms?

Refer to this article.

Please note: If your site is hosted by the service you will need to be on their Business plan, with a custom domain configured and the Hello Dolly plugin installed, before they will allow you to install Gravity Forms.

Where can I get custom development?

Check out this list of Developers experienced with Gravity Forms development.

Do you have a trial version?

We do not have any trial version available. Gravity Forms is an unencrypted/uncompiled PHP application. This means, once the code is in your hands, we have no way to stop you from using it.
We do have a demo and all of our documentation is available for viewing before purchasing.

We recommend you do due diligence before purchasing, peruse our support documentation on this site, and read through our Terms of Service.

When will you have feature X?

Gravity Forms is developed by a small, tight-knit team. With this in mind, we can’t tackle every feature, and expanding features usually has far reaching consequences. This means new feature developments can sometimes be slower than expected.

We also have to deal with external factors, like new WordPress releases, changing things and requiring development time. This reduces our ability to expand Gravity Forms and add new features.

Our team does the best it can with regards to adding new features, but we no longer speculate on releases because of the fluid nature of software development. We will continually post about new features and releases on our product blog. Please check there for details as they are released.

Does Gravity Forms work with X?

Gravity Forms requires WordPress to work as we use many functions and files built into the software rather than creating an independent project requiring much more development staff to maintain a much larger codebase.

Gravity Forms will not integrate with another blogging or CMS system by default.

Gravity Forms can send data to other software though, and we have Add-ons available for license holders to provide such features. Also, there are third party add-ons available in the Plugin Repository

Where do I put custom CSS and PHP?

Custom CSS rules for your forms belong at the end of your theme stylesheet. Action hooks and filters belong in your theme’s functions.php file. You can find more information in the documentation section here.

Why isn’t Ajax working, despite being enabled?

Usually, the issue is the reCAPTCHA field. A limitation of the reCAPTCHA service is that it is not compatible with Ajax. Gravity Forms automatically disables Ajax if a reCAPTCHA field is present to prevent problems from occurring with reCAPTCHA.

If you want to use Ajax and use a Captcha you can install the Really Simple Captcha plugin. Once you activate that plugin it will add additional options to the Captcha field in Gravity Forms.

Does Gravity Forms support Microsoft Internet Explorer 6?

No, we do not support the Microsoft Internet Explorer v6 browser. Although the browser is still in use by a percentage of the population, it is considered antiquated (released in August of 2001) and is even actively discouraged by Microsoft, the browser’s creator.
Many Gravity Forms features work properly in IE6, but many of the advanced features may not. If IE6 support is critical to your clientele, we recommend creating very basic forms to ensure they work properly.