Gravity Forms 2.5 Key Features


This article lists some of the key features you will most likely notice immediately when checking out the brand new Gravity Forms 2.5.

For an up-to-date list of all features, refer to the Gravity Forms official change log.

Refer to our FAQ for questions about the rollout process.

Major New Features

Improved Front-End Accessibility

Ethically and legally, creating accessible forms is becoming more and more essential, and an area we have publicly stated our commitment to enhance. 2.5 provides many improvements and sets all designers on a better path to easily creating accessible forms for your users – helping you to engage with all your audience and boosting your form submissions.

For more on improving the accessibility off your forms, refer to our comprehensive Accessibility knowledge base.

Form Editor New UI design

The form editor has been given a new look more familiar to WordPresses Gutenberg look and feel. Field Settings have been moved out of the form area to a right-side panel, which allows the form editor area to be the focus of your layout, and allowed us to introduce a new UI feature of…

Drag and Drop Columns

The Form Editor now supports drag and drop for up to 4 columns, allowing you to manage your form layout in a more intuitive way directly within the editor.

Settings and Admin New UI Design

The Gravity Forms settings screens and controls have been completely reworked with a modern look and feel for both layout and the standard controls. This improvement will also be worked across all our add-ons in time as well.

Settings API

We have added an API for Settings management. Stay tuned for more information on this.

Complete Revamp of CSS Styles

This version brings a major revamp of CSS styles, which have been rewritten to be far less strict. This is to make styles easier to customize and it allows the theme to control the look of the form.

For a good overview of many of the style and markup changes, refer to our Guide for Theme Developers.

Updates to Markup

The markup has been overhauled to accommodate a number of accessibility enhancements and better organization moving forward. Refer to this article for information on what has changed.

The previous Gravity Forms markup, now referred to as legacy markup, will continue to work for all old forms, but it is targeted for deprecation in a future release. For now though, existing forms will automatically use the legacy markup, while new forms created under 2.5 will use the new markup.

Using legacy markup for a newly created form can be enabled with the new legacy markup Form Setting.

Theme Integration

The Gravity Forms team has worked with a wide assortment of theme developers to help ensure that 2.5 works with many popular WordPress themes straight out of the box. That obviously does not mean they all will be, or that all themes will be updated at launch, but we are working to get the word out and ensure this beta period allows theme developers time to test and update.

Other Form Editor Enhancements

We have included drag and drop support for touch devices and an improved conditional logic UI, including a fly out menu to allow more space for complex conditional logic sequences. There have been many minor tweaks also to the form editor to enhance design, performance, and usability.

Known Limitations

Some behaviors or previous methods may need to be changed. Refer to this article for a list of possible changes or feature design decisions that may affect existing setups or behaviors.