Gravity Forms 2.5 Known Limitations


This document details some changes to existing behavior in Gravity Forms 2.5 that may affect existing setups or behaviors, or might require changes to your site. These compromises are deliberate, and are not targeted for change unless identified otherwise.

Known Changes & Limitations


  • Javascript is moved to the footer by default in Gravity Forms 2.5. Custom approaches that move Gravity Forms scripts to the footer themselves will no longer work and will need to be removed.

Form Editor

The form editor is designed to be used on desktop class browsers, and is not designed for, or supported for use on, mobile devices.

  • Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) is not supported for the Form Editor.
  • It is not possible to edit label placement inside the layout editor—this can only be done in the settings.
  • The gf_inline and the column ready classes are not supported in the new markup. This is superseded by the ability to drag & drop the fields columns directly using the editor.
  • When conditional logic is configured to “hide” a form button, the button is not removed from the page as previously was the case, but disabled instead. Leaving it visible but inactive is a change made in support of improved accessibility.
  • The Credit Card Field no longer has a Card Icon Style setting.


  • There is a maximum of 4 resizable columns. You cannot create a fifth.
  • Columns are not supported on forms with legacy markup enabled. Disable legacy markup in the form settings to use the columns.
  • The field types of Page, Section & Hidden cannot be placed in columns.


  • The datepicker is now translated automatically. The previous snippet that was used to load custom datepicker translations must be removed.
  • A few strings may still need to be made translatable. This will be addressed in an upcoming patch.

Mobile Display

The form list toolbar and entry list filtering need to be updated to look correct on mobile devices. This will be addressed in an upcoming patch.


Processing of BuddyPress field mappings for the User Registration add-on is not currently supported. Fixed in User Registration v4.8.

Deprecated Items


gform_notification_validation filter has been removed.

Add-On Framework Changes

The following methods have been deprecated, and will return null due to no action being taken.

  • GFAddOn::maybe_save_form_settings()
  • GFAddOn::maybe_save_plugin_settings()

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