bookmark_borderLegacy License FAQ


What Is A Legacy License?

“Legacy license” refers to the Gravity Forms license types we had in place prior to September 2017, called “Personal”, “Business” and “Developer”. These older license types are now referred to collectively as “legacy licenses.” Legacy licenses can be maintained and continued, but can no longer be purchased as a new sale or an upgrade.

Can I Keep My Legacy License?

Of course! Any legacy license you own is still fully functional and will work exactly as it does now, as long you keep it active. Additionally, the annual renewal price of an active license will not change for its lifetime, as long as you don’t let it expire. So you may continue to use your legacy licenses exactly as you have been!


Can I Use Auto-Renewals With My Legacy License?

Yes! Whenever you renew a legacy license, you will be prompted to add a payment method to your account, and that license will be enrolled in automatic renewals. The renewal date and annual renewal amount for that license will not change, you just no longer have to remember to renew manually each year.

Can I Keep Renewing My Legacy License Manually?

No. Our new payment processing system utilizes auto-renewal for all license transactions. You can cancel an auto-renewal for any license using the license management feature within the My Account section of

What Happens If I Do Not Renew My Legacy License?

If you fail to renew your legacy license on time, it will expire. You cannot renew, purchase again, upgrade or otherwise recover an expired legacy license.


What happens when I upgrade?

When you upgrade, your license key does not change, but we do update the license type it represents. No changes are necessary to any websites you have the license key installed on.

When upgrading your license, your new license will have an annual renewal date equal to the same day you upgraded. So if your original license was set to renew on December 1st, but you went ahead and upgraded it on October 1st, then your new license will renew on October 1st of each subsequent year, until cancelled.

How is my upgrade price calculated?

When upgrading, the purchase price of your upgrade will be discounted by the value of your existing license.

When upgrading a legacy license (Personal or Business) to Gravity Forms Basic, Pro or Elite, you will receive a discount equal to the full value of the legacy license standard price. That is, $US39 discount when upgrading from a Personal license, or $US99 when upgrading from a Business license (regardless of what you paid for that legacy license).

These purchase discounts apply only to initial purchase price, and not future renewals.

How Do I Upgrade A Legacy License?

  1. Log into your Gravity Forms account at,
  2. Click through to your My Account > Licenses page.
  3. Look for the “upgrade” button to the right of the license you wish to upgrade.

Can I Upgrade My Legacy License To A New License?

You can upgrade any legacy license to any new license type (“Basic”, “Pro”, “Elite”) of a higher feature set. This means you can:

  • upgrade a Personal license to any new license type
  • upgrade a Business license to Pro or Elite.
  • you cannot upgrade a developer license (see next question)

Why Can’t I Upgrade My Developer License?

Developer licenses are unable to be upgraded because you already have the top-tier package that includes all features of the “Elite” license type.

Can I Buy (Or Upgrade To) A Legacy License?

No. Legacy licenses are no longer offered for sale, so any purchases or upgrades will need to be to one of our new license types. Check them out on the Gravity Forms purchase page of “Basic”, “Pro” and “Elite”, which now include additional features.