Legacy (Personal, Business, Developer) License FAQ


What is a legacy license?

“Legacy license” refers to all Gravity Forms license types originally purchased prior to October 15th, 2017. That date was when Gravity Forms introduced our current licensing scheme of Basic, Pro, and Elite license tiers.

The following license types are considered legacy licenses:

  • Lifetime Personal License (discontinued April 30th, 2010)
  • Lifetime Business License (discontinued April 30th, 2010)
  • Lifetime Developer License (discontinued April 30th, 2010)
  • Personal License (discontinued October 15th, 2017)
  • Business License (discontinued October 15th, 2017)
  • Developer License (discontinued October 15th, 2017)

For the purposes of our FAQ and documentation, we do refer to the legacy annual and legacy lifetime licenses listed above collectively as “Personal”, “Business” and “Developer” licenses.

Legacy licenses can be used and continued to be kept active through annual renewals, but they can no longer be purchased via new sale or upgrade.

Can I keep my legacy license?

Of course! Any legacy license you own is still fully functional and will work exactly as it does now, as long you keep it active. Additionally, the annual renewal price of an active license will not change for its lifetime, as long as you don’t let it expire. So you may continue to use your legacy licenses exactly as you have been if you stay up to date with your renewals.

What features were legacy licenses entitled to?

The following table summarizes legacy license features. See also the note regarding “Changes” later in this FAQ.

Access to Support?Yes, Standard SupportYes, Standard SupportYes, Priority Support
Access to Add-Ons?No.See note below.See note below.
Site Limit13Unlimited
Permitted on Multisite installations?NoNoYes
Can downgrade?NoNoNo
Can upgrade?To Basic, Pro or Elite.To Pro or Elite.To Elite.

Will I continue to have access to all my Add-Ons?

As long as your legacy license is renewed consistently and kept active, it will provide you access to all updates to Gravity Forms core, and all the add-ons that the license was entitled to at the time the Gravity Forms licensing scheme was updated.

Legacy licenses will not be entitled to new Gravity Forms add-ons that are released after the legacy license scheme was deprecated. These will only be offered to the appropriate non-legacy license types.

To see exactly which add-ons you have access to for your license type, refer to the Downloads section within your Gravity Forms account, under the Your Licenses tab, or check the add-on browser that is displayed in-product.

Can I buy (or upgrade or downgrade to) a legacy license?

No. Legacy licenses are no longer offered for sale.  Any purchases or upgrades will need to be to one of our current license types. Check them out on the Gravity Forms pricing page.


Can I use automatic renewals with my legacy license?

Yes. Whenever you renew a legacy license, you will be prompted to add a payment method to your account, and that license will be enrolled in automatic renewals. The renewal date and annual renewal amount for that license will not change, you just no longer have to remember to renew manually each year.

Can I keep renewing my legacy license manually, not using automatic renewals?

No. Our new payment processing system utilizes auto-renewal for all subscribed licenses. You can cancel an auto-renewal for any license following the instructions in this article, but not that you will no longer be able to renew or upgrade that license once automatic renewals are canceled.

What happens if I do not renew my legacy license?

If you fail to renew your legacy license on time, it will expire. You cannot renew, purchase again, upgrade or otherwise recover an expired legacy license.

Upgrading Legacy Licenses

Legacy licenses can be upgraded to a current license type of same or higher feature set. This means you can:

  • upgrade a Personal license to Basic, Pro, or Elite license.
  • upgrade a Business license to a Pro or Elite license.
  • upgrade a Developer license to a new Elite license*.

When you upgrade, your license key will remain unchanged, so no change is necessary for any sites it is in use on.

You cannot upgrade a legacy license to higher legacy license type. They are no longer offered for sale as mentioned above.

For instructions on upgrading, see this article.

*️⃣ Note: While there is currently no difference between the feature set of the legacy Developer licenses and the Elite license, they are two distinct license types. The included features, services, and support offerings may diverge in the future.

How is my upgrade price calculated?

When upgrading, you may be entitled to a discount, based on any unused term of your existing license, and the amount you paid for it in your most previous transaction, such as the last renewal or a previous upgrade. Any discounts will be identified in your Plan Summary on the pre-checkout page, right before you are asked to complete your purchase.

Upgrade discounts affect the initial purchase price of the new license type only, and do not apply to future renewals.

Refer to this article for complete information on how upgrades are handled, and how they change your license.

Changes to legacy Licenses

Please note that while there are currently no plans to make significant changes to what is included with a legacy license, we cannot guarantee that changes will not occur in the future. As per the Gravity Forms terms and conditions, the license types that we maintain may be added, removed, or modified at any time, at our sole discretion.