Checking Your Environment Details

As of Gravity Forms 2.2, it's possible to see full details on your hosting environment from directly within Gravity Forms.

Custom Logging Statements

While Gravity Forms and its add-ons include numerous logging statements, sometimes you may need to add more. Discover how to add custom logging.

Enabling No Conflict Mode

If you are running into issues with your form builder, view this article to learn how to enable no conflict mode. This will temporarily resolve the issue.

Forcing Gravity Forms Database Upgrades

If you're having issues upgrading the Gravity Forms database after an update, this can sometimes be due to a failed database modification.

Logging and Debugging

For quite a while, enabling logging within Gravity Forms has been a go-to method for debugging any issues within Gravity Forms. As of Gravity Forms version 2.2, logging functionality has been moved from a separate add-on to becoming a core feature of Gravity Forms.

Resolving “FAILED (Temporary file could not be moved)” and “Upload folder is not writable” Errors

If you are getting an error when using Gravity Forms that says “FAILED (Temporary file could not be moved.)”, “FAILED (upload folder could not be created)”, or “Upload folder is not writable”, take a look at this article for possible solutions.

Testing for a Theme/Plugin Conflict

Introduction Gravity Forms uses WordPress' best practices to make it as compatible as possible with all themes and plugins; however, some theme and plugin authors do not adhere to these best practices which can often result in a theme or plugin conflict with Gravity Forms.

Testing for a Theme/Plugin Conflict using the Health Check & Troubleshooting Plugin

This guide provides advice on debugging an issue that may be caused by a conflict between Gravity Forms and a third party theme of plugin.

Troubleshoot/Resolve Issues with Gravity Forms Entry Exports

At times, some users may experience issues when attempting to export entries. These issues are typically caused by theme/plugin conflicts or settings defined by the web host.

Troubleshooting a Missing ‘Feeds’ Menu Item

Is the Feeds menu item missing from an add-on you’re trying to use? We’ll show you how to troubleshoot the issue.