Troubleshooting API Key Validation Issues

Note: This article refers to issues validating 3rd party API keys in add-ons. If you’re having trouble validating your Gravity Forms license key, please see this article.

Check Your Key

This sounds obvious but is often overlooked. As there are often multiple keys required, be sure that you have the correct key in the correct field. Also, be sure that you’re not using an old key that has since been changed, or that you have accidentally copied and pasted invisible characters (like newline etc) that may affect the validation check.

Check The Add-On Versions

Because services can change how their APIs operate from time to time, be sure that you are using the most recent version of the add-on. If not, you could be attempting to access an API that has since changed.

Enable Logging

If you are continuing to have issues and you are certain that everything is configured properly by following the previous steps, testing with logging enabled is the next step.

Simply enable logging of all messages for the add-on, then try configuring the add-on again. Once done, check the logs within the Forms > Settings > Logging or Forms > System Status pages for any errors; particularly those relating to the response from the external service.

If you’re not able to see an issue within the logs, include the links to the logs in with your support ticket and we will be happy to help.