Troubleshooting Payment Feeds Not Processing

Of course, payments being properly processed is the most important part of selling anything. When it’s not working as expected, it can be frustrating. In this article, we will show you how to troubleshoot issues with payment feeds.

A feed to the payment service must be present and active at the time of form submission to send payment data. Entries created without an active feed will not be sent to the payment service. Creating a feed afterward will not process any entries previously submitted.

Updates Are Important

Your first step in troubleshooting payment or any other issues, is to make sure that your installation of WordPress, Gravity Forms, and any Gravity Forms add-ons are fully updated.

Doing this ensures that you are not encountering a bug that is in a later version, and thus eliminates possible embarrassment of an issue that could easily be resolved.

Check Conditional Logic

Within your feed, ensure that any conditional logic rules that may be in place, are actually being processed. Sometimes, conditional logic rules are are not met, which would then cause the feed to not be processed.

Check the Payment/Recurring Amount

In the event that the payment/recurring amount does not add up to a positive number, the payment feed will not process. Check to ensure that when the form is being submitted, that the product total is updated. If not, this is likely the reason that your payment feed is not processing.

Enable Logging

If you are continuing to have issues, and you are certain that everything is configured properly by following the previous steps, testing with logging enabled is the next step.

Simply enable logging of all messages for Gravity Forms core and the add-on, then test the form. Once done, check the logs within the Forms > Settings > Logging or Forms > System Status pages for any errors; particularly those relating to the response from the payment gateway.

If you’re not able to see an issue within the logs, include the links to the logs in with your support ticket and we will be happy to help.