Enabling No Conflict Mode

Having issues where creating a form doesn’t show both the title and description field? Or are you unable to add or move elements on the form builder?

You might be experiencing an issue where scripts from other plugins and themes are being loaded on Gravity Forms administration pages. This causes the errors you are experiencing.

There is an easy fix to get around these issues, but it is still recommended you troubleshoot using our theme and plugin conflict steps to isolate the issue and report it to the proper developer.

To temporarily resolve the issue, go to Forms > Settings and enable No Conflict mode. This should stop third party scripts from writing to Gravity Forms administration pages and allow you to do the things you need.

We recommend finding the source of this issue as it could cause further problems later on. Please follow the Theme and Plugin Conflict troubleshooting steps.

Please note: No Conflict mode only applies to the Gravity Forms administration pages, such as the form editor, it will not help resolve front-end issues.