Troubleshooting a Missing ‘Feeds’ Menu Item

When trying to create an add-on feed, you’ll need to access the Feeds page. What if you don’t see the menu item? In this article, we’ll show you how to troubleshoot the issue.

Check that the plugin is activated

While it seems crazy, be sure that the add-on is activated by accessing the Plugins page in the WordPress dashboard. It’s fairly common that people install WordPress plugins and simply forget to activate it. Checking that the plugin is activated is a great way to save yourself from a potentially embarrassing support ticket.

Check your WordPress user capabilities

WordPress uses various user roles and capabilities to determine what users are allowed to do. As Gravity Forms strides to seamlessly integrate within WordPress as much as possible, it also uses roles and capabilities.

Your user simply may not have access to a capability that Gravity Forms is checking for. The easiest way to check over your current capabilities, as well as modify them if needed, is the 3rd party User Role Editor plugin.

Check for conflicts

Gravity Forms is developed to avoid plugin conflicts as often as possible, but with millions of WordPress plugins on the market, we can’t possibly test with every one of them.

Deactivating all other WordPress plugins and switching to a default theme such as Twenty Fifteen will help you narrow down if there is a conflict. If the issue resolves itself, slowly begin to re-activate plugins until the issue appears again.

Look for errors

If you’re still not seeing the menu item, look for errors that may be appearing when WP_DEBUG is enabled. These errors can provide additional information as to what the issue may be.