Common Form Issues

Why is ‘display:none’ being added and my form isn’t showing up?

This is because you have conditional logic being used on your form. Anytime conditional logic is present the entire form is set to display: none; and then JavaScript is used to only show the fields that should be shown.

However, this requires Gravity Forms being able to output the necessary JavaScript using the WordPress built in enqueue function which outputs the JavaScript in your footer.

This is due to one of two likely issues:

1.) Your theme probably does not have this function call in your theme’s footer.php file:

<?php wp_footer(); ?>

This function call, which all themes should have, but many people forget to include, enables plugins to output code in the footer of a theme dynamically. If it isn’t present, the theme can’t output the necessary code.

2.) Your theme has a JavaScript error or conflict causing Gravity Forms’ JavaScript not to function correctly. Please go through the theme and plugin conflict testing steps to isolate the issue.

Between these two important pieces of information, you’ll likely find the source of why your form is not displaying properly.

Why do I see paragraph tags or line breaks after each element in my form?

You’ll see these when another plugin or theme causes them. They aren’t added by Gravity Forms. To fix it, you’ll want to go through our theme and plugin conflict testing

Why do I have extra space above and below my form?

Usually this happens when you copy the form shortcode directly from the help page and paste it into the visual editor. Often it pastes the tags in the markup which then causes the formatting issues.Edit the page the form resides on, view the content in the editor using the HTML tab and if you see the tags around your form shortcode, simply remove them.

Complete information on embedding forms can be found in the documentation by clicking the link below: