Gravity Forms and PHP 8.0 Compatibility


PHP 8.0 is a major new release of the PHP language with many changes.

WordPress is working towards full compatibility with PHP 8.0, but has ascertained a “beta-compatible” status. With that, the Gravity Forms product team have also been working on compatiblity with all known issues resolved.

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Reporting Issues

If you think you have discovered a PHP 8.0 related issue with a Gravity Forms product in your own testing, please let us know by contacting Support. Thank you for contributing!

Known Issues

The following issues are known to the team:

  • version_compare() fatal error in gravityforms.php – Fixed in 2.4.23.
  • Unknown named parameter fatal error in class-gf-addon.php when enqueueing scripts – Fixed in 2.4.23.
  • Multiple “required parameters following optional parameter” deprecation notices in Gravity Forms core and add-ons. – Fixed in 2.5 and various add-on updates
  • usort() returning bool from comparison function is deprecated notice in form_list.php – Fixed in 2.4.23.
  • Uncaught ValueError: array_combine(): Argument #1 ($keys) and argument #2 ($values) must have the same number of elements in class-gf-field-date.php – Fixed in


This article will be updated to show the status of known issues, compatibility testing, and to identify expected releases for fixes.