Can Gravity Forms Do…?

A very common question we see is “can Gravity Forms do X?”

Gravity Forms is a very flexible and powerful WordPress plugin. We keep a basic feature list here, and our library of help documents and user guides provides many more details. Additionally, our Customer Support Team are always available to try and help you get you an answer regarding product capabilities.

For other features, check out our Add-ons, which provide many ways to extend Gravity Forms or to interact with other popular services.

Additionally, we provide a robust development API, so don’t forget to search our third party add-on library or other common repositories for add-ons developed by third parties to work with Gravity Forms. Someone else may very well have already developed what it is you are thinking of!

If the feature you want isn’t covered by our core software or any available add-ons, but you have some software skills yourself, then maybe you can develop it yourself. Consult our developer documentation.

Still want a new feature or integration, but can’t develop it yourself? Consider hiring an developer (we do not provide custom development services). See this article for a few starting options.