Add-On Support for Background Feed Processing


Background or async feed processing is a method that can be used to improve form submission performance.

It does this by moving feed processing to a separate request, which doesn’t block form submission completion, so the form submitter can see the confirmation faster than if they had to wait for the feeds to be processed.

Official Add-Ons

ActiveCampaignYesYes (versions 2.0.1+)
Advanced Post CreationYesYes (versions 1.3.1+)
Agile CRMYesYes (versions 1.4.1+)
AWeberYesYes (versions 2.11.1+)
BreezeYesYes (versions 1.5.1+)
Campaign MonitorYesYes (versions 3.9.1+)
Capsule CRMYesYes (versions 1.6.1+)
CleverReachYesYes (versions 1.7.1+)
Constant ContactYesYes (versions 1.7+)
DropboxNo (1)No
EmailOctopusYesYes (versions 1.2.2+)
EmmaYesYes (versions 1.5.2+)
GetResponseYesYes (versions 1.7.1+)
Google AnalyticsNoNo
Help ScoutYesYes (versions 2.1.1+)
HubSpotYesYes (versions 1.8.1+) (2)
iContactYesYes (versions 1.5.1+)
Mad MimiYesYes (versions 1.4.1+)
MailchimpYesYes (versions 1.5.1+)
PayPal CheckoutNoNo
SlackYesYes (versions 2.0.1+)
TrelloYesYes (versions 2.0.1+)
TwilioYesYes (versions 2.9.1+)
ZapierYesYes (versions 4.2.1+)
Zoho CRMYesYes (versions 2.0.1+)
User RegistrationYes (3)Yes (versions 5.0.1+) (4)
WebhooksYesYes (versions 1.0+)


(1) The Dropbox Add-On uses an earlier implementation of background feed processing, so the files are already sent to Dropbox in a separate request that occurs after the submission has completed.

(2) The HubSpot Add-On requires Gravity Forms 2.7.1 or greater to use background feed processing.

(3) Background feed processing can’t be used with the User Registration Add-On when the user is to be logged in automatically by custom code or the Auto Login perk from certified developer Gravity Wiz. Use the gform_is_feed_asynchronous filter to disable it.

(4) Background feed processing for the User Registration Add-On requires Gravity Forms 2.7.1 or greater.

Certified Add-Ons

Below, you will find a list of feed-based add-ons from Certified Developers that are known to support or do not support background processing.

Easy PassthroughGravity WizNoNo
Entry AutomationCosmicGiantNoNo
Fillable PDFsCosmicGiantNoNo
Google SheetsGravity WizYesYes
Legal SigningCosmicGiantNoNo
Limit SubmissionsGravity WizNoNo
OpenAIGravity WizNoNo

Enabling Background Feed Processing

We are gradually releasing updates to enable background feed processing for add-ons that support it.

If you’d rather not wait for an update to be released, you can update manually using the zip available from the downloads page, or the gform_is_feed_asynchronous filter can be used to enable it.

The filter can also be used to enable it for third-party add-ons that extend the GFFeedAddOn class.

If you’d prefer a third-party add-on used background feed processing by default, please contact the developer and ask if they can set the $_async_feed_processing property, in their class that extends GFFeedAddOn, to true.

Background feed processing might not be suitable for all add-ons. For example, if the add-on relies on submission time hooks or needs to make data available to the confirmation.

Problems with Background Feed Processing

See Troubleshooting Background (async) Processing Issues.