Gravity Forms System Requirements

Preferred System Requirements

For the best performance of Gravity Forms, we recommend the latest production version of WordPress. Thus, your Gravity Forms environment should utilize the same system requirements as WordPress itself.

Support Requirements

To receive support, we expect your Gravity Forms solution to run the current or previous version of WordPress. For example, if WordPress 6.3 is the current version, we support environments running WP 6.3 and WP 6.2.

Refer to this 2013 blog post from our CEO for more context on this.

Older Environments

Gravity Forms may also work with some older versions of PHP and MySQL. Gravity Forms and official Gravity Forms Add-On new versions are not tested with unsupported versions of those frameworks or WordPress. Additionally, older versions may expose your site to security vulnerabilities. See our article about the importance of updates.

Additionally, older versions may not meet the support requirements as listed above. If you reach out for support, you may be required to upgrade before you can gain assistance.

We highly recommend contacting your host to upgrade to the Preferred System Requirements..


If your PHP version is not listed on the supported versions page you (or your web host) should update immediately.

The following PHP extensions are required in order to be able to use full functionality of Gravity Forms and add-ons:

  • ctype
  • curl
  • dom
  • openssl

Also, please refer to the following articles regarding compatibility with newer PHP versions:

Checking For Compatibility Within Gravity Forms

A lot of environment information can be found within your System Status page, found under the Forms menu item in the admin area. See this article for more information.

Gravity Forms System Status Page