Deprecation of the Gravity Forms Credit Card Field


❗The Gravity Forms Credit Card Field has been deprecated for use with all our modern payment add-ons. Instead, use the gateway-specific payment collection fields.

It is no longer supported in the current versions of our Stripe, PayPal, and Square Add-Ons. Forms that are currently using this field may continue to work; however, it is not possible to add the field to new forms, and future announcements/changes may halt its operation. We do not recommend its use in any of your solutions, and encourage you to migrate all your forms to the gateway-specific payment collection fields, such as the Stripe Field, Square Field and PayPal Field.

The exception to this is the Add-On, and some of the superceded PayPal legacy add-ons. These are older add-ons built on legacy APIs, and they only support the Gravity Forms credit card field. See the caveat below for additional risks.

How to Change Your Payment Collection Method

The payment option is contained within Stripe Add-On settings − refer to this article for details.

BE AWARE of the implications:
1. You are modifying a payment gateway. Test extensively! Try on a development sandbox first, or duplicate your form and test on a hidden page. Care is needed, and make sure you have a fallback plan. Nothing hurts more than a problem with the page that collects money!
1. Removing the credit card field will result in you losing any saved entry data already collected for that field. It holds only partial digits of the payment method, but be conscious of this.
1. If you choose to upgrade to Stripe Checkout, don’t forget to configure the Checkout options within your Stripe dashboard. This is handled outside of Gravity Forms.

More Help Needed?

If you have any additional questions, please contact our Support Team who will be happy to help.

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