Square Field


This field is only available in the Form Editor if you have installed the official Gravity Forms Square Add-On


The Square field provides Credit Card and Cardholder input fields as provided by the Square payment service.

It can be found in the Pricing Fields section of the Field Chooser sidebar.

This field will add inputs for card details (card number, expiration date, CVC, and zip code) and Cardholder Name. Those fields are actually provided by Square and hosted on Square’s servers for end-to-end security of payment information.

Square Credit Card Field in the Gravity Forms Visual Editor showing the Cardholder Name input and the Credit Card Number combined field with Card Number, Expiration Date, CVD and Postal Code
Square Card Field in the Visual Editor

General Settings


You can set a custom sub-label for the available input fields by modifying the label in this section. The Square Credit Card field only has a Custom Sub-Label for the Cardholder Name.

Appearance Settings


You can set add placeholders for the Cardholder Name and Card Details. You can not override the placeholder for the expiration date, CVC or Postal Code placeholders.

Placeholder Settings for the Square Credit Card field, allowing override of the Cardholder Name and Card Details.

Note: Appearance > Field Styles options have been removed from the Square Credit Card Field as of version 1.7 of the Square Add-On as the Square SDK it relied upon is being sunset. The “Traditional” field style has been removed, and the previous “Simplified” card appearance is now used for all front-end display.


See also the article creating a Square compatible form.

  • Note that both Credit Card Details and Cardholder Name are required fields for the Square field.
  • When using Page fields to create a multi-page form, the Square field should be located on the last page of the form.
  • If you delete the Square field from your form, the Square feeds will automatically deactivate. This prevents the feeds from running during form submission and generating a validation error due to missing Square fields.
  • Your Gravity Forms Currency Settings must match the Currency Settings in your Square account.
  • If you have another Payment Gateway add-on installed and active, other card fields may be available. To allow users to choose from multiple payment processors, conditional logic can be used to show/hide the Credit Card field depending on the payment processor selection.