The Total specifies where the order total should be displayed in the form. As the user selects products and options the total will automatically update.


Total General

  • Field Label
    Enter the label of the form field. This is the field title the user will see when filling out the form.

  • Description
    Enter the description for the form field. This will be displayed to the user and provide some direction on how the field should be filled out or selected.


Total Appearance

  • Description Placement
    Allows you to override the default description placement for this field.

  • Custom CSS Class
    Enter the CSS class name you would like to use in order to override the default styles for this field.


Total Advanced

  • Admin Field Label
    Enter the admin label of the form field. Entering a value in this field will override the Field Label when displayed in the Gravity Forms administration tool.

  • Enable Conditional Logic
    Create rules to dynamically display or hide this field based on values from another field. Remember, to use conditional logic, you will need to create a drop down, checkbox or multiple choice field.

Merge Tags


{Field Name:2:modifier}


  • :price
    Used to denote that the amount displayed by the merge tag should be formatted as currency.

Last modified: October 4, 2017