The Product allows the creation of products in the form. There are several options for the type of field that should be used for the Product Field: Single Product, Drop Down, Radio Buttons and User Defined Price.

Important: If you use a choice based field type and your choice labels contain any HTML or special characters such as ampersands, commas, hyphens or brackets of any type, you MUST enable the show values feature and give each choice a simple and unique value which does not contain any special characters. Failure to configure values could cause issues for features such as conditional logic and calculations.


Product General

  • Field Label
    Enter the label of the form field. This is the field title the user will see when filling out the form.

  • Description
    Enter the description for the form field. This will be displayed to the user and provide some direction on how the field should be filled out or selected.

  • Field Type
    Select the type of field from the available form fields.

    • Single Product
      The Single Product field type will display the price and a quantity field by default.

    • Drop Down
      The Drop Down field type will display as a drop down field on your form. When this option is selected, the Product Properties tab will refresh with options to specify multiple products.

    • Radio Buttons
      Similar to the Drop Down option, but radio buttons instead.

    • User Defined Price
      The User Defined Price field type will display as a single line input on your form.

    • *Hidden
      If set to Hidden, the product field will not be shown, but will still be processed upon submission.

    • Calculation
      Generates product information based on calculations.

  • Price
    Enter the base price for this product.

  • Disable Quantity Field
    Disables the quantity field. A quantity of 1 will be assumed or you can add a Quantity field to your form from the Pricing Fields.

  • Required
    A required field will prevent the form from being submitted if it is not filled out or selected.

  • No Duplicates
    A field set to allow no duplicates will require that a value entered in a field does not currently exist in the entry database for that field.


Product Appearance

  • Description Placement
    Overrides the default positioning to place the description either above or below the field.

  • Custom Validation Message
    If you would like to override the default error validation for a field, enter it here. This message will be displayed if there is an error with this field when the user submits the form. This option is only available when the Drop Down or Multiple Choice field type is selected.

  • Custom CSS Class
    Enter the CSS class name you would like to use in order to override the default styles for this field.


Product Advanced

  • Allow field to be populated dynamically
    Check this option to enable data to be passed to the form and pre-populate this field dynamically. Data can be passed via Query Strings, Shortcode and/or Hooks.

  • Enable Conditional Logic
    Create rules to dynamically display or hide this field based on values from another field. Remember, to use conditional logic, you will need to create a drop down, checkbox or multiple choice field.

Merge Tags


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Last modified: October 30, 2017