Edit Choices flyout

This feature is part of Gravity Forms 2.6 and newer. See our release post for more information.

Important: If your choice labels contain any HTML or special characters such as ampersands, commas, hyphens or brackets of any type, you MUST enable the show values feature and give each choice a simple and unique value which does not contain any special characters. Failure to configure values could cause issues for features such as calculations, conditional logic, dynamic population, and validation.


When using a multiple choice field, the management of choices offered is handled within the Edit Choices flyout within the Form Editor. This extended pane (called a “flyout”) provides an accessible interface for managing the multiple values. It is offered within Drop Down, Radio Buttons and Checkbox fields, and is also utilized by Pricing and other Advanced fields that also offer choices.

Accessing the Edit Choices flyout

Accessing the Edit Choices flyout by clicking the Edit Choices button under Field Settings > General > Choices

When in the form editor, if you add (or select) a multiple choice field to your form, you are offered access to the Edit Choices option within the Field Settings panel. Look for it under the General area titled Choices. Click the Edit Choices button to open the Edit Choices flyout.

Parts of the Edit Choices flyout

Areas of the Edit Choices flyout added in Gravity Forms 2.6 allowing the editing of choices for multiple choice fields.
  1. Manage Choices section. This area will change depending on the field type chosen. The following components are usually shown:
    Label: add the label for the choice field.
    3 bar grab handle to the left allow you to drag and drop the choices in your required order.
    [+] Create a new choice below the current selection.
    [–] Delete the current selection.
    Default check mark: If the field type supports it, you will be able to select the default choice(s) to the left of the choice.
  2. Options. This area will vary depending on the type of field present but should always allow the Show Values checkbox.
  3. Add Bulk Choices. This button provides access to the Bulk Add/Predefined Choices.
  4. Expand/Contract Flyout Size. Click the arrow button to expand the Edit Choices flyout to the full width of the editor window. Click it again to collapse the window to the default size.

Need to Close the Edit Choices flyout? Click the Edit Choices button again to toggle the visibility of the flyout or click the [X] button at the top of the panel.

Fields using the Edit Choices Flyout

The following fields make use of the Edit Choices flyout and will include details about the specific settings for each field type.

Standard Fields

Pricing Fields

Advanced Fields