bookmark_borderInput Mask

Input masks provide a visual guide allowing users to more easily enter data in a specific format such as dates and phone numbers.

Be aware, if the “Enable password input” advanced property is checked, it will override the input mask functionality.

Using Custom Input Masks

  • Use a ‘9’ to indicate a numerical character.
  • Use a lower case ‘a’ to indicate an alphabetical character.
  • Use an asterick ‘*’ to indicate any alphanumeric character.
  • Use a question mark ‘?’ to indicate optional characters. Note: All characters after the question mark will be optional.
  • All other characters are literal values and will be displayed automatically.


  • Date

    Mask: 99/99/9999
    Valid Input: 10/21/2011

  • Social Security Number

    Mask: 999-99-9999
    Valid Input: 987-65-4329

  • Course Code

    Mask: aaa 999
    Valid Input: BIO 101

  • License Key

    Mask: ***-***-***
    Valid Input: a9a-f0c-28Q

  • Zip Code w/ Optional Plus Four

    Mask: 99999?-9999
    Valid Input: 23462 or 23462-4062