The Poll field is available when using the Polls add-on. This field will allow you to create polls to collect data from users. It is available under the Advanced Fields section within the form editor. Please note that you will need to have the Polls add-on installed and activated before this field type is made available.

GForms Poll Field Icon

Poll field as displayed in the Field Library

GForms Poll Field

Poll field as displayed in the Form Editor.

Common Settings

This field uses only common field settings for the Appearance and Advanced settings. For a description of each of the common field settings, refer to this article. Below you will find description of specialty settings that are particular to this field.

GForms Poll Field General Settings

Click the Edit Choices button under Choices to open the Edit Choices flyout.

Poll Specific Settings

DescriptionAdds text that can be displayed with the poll question, and its appearance is controlled by the description placement option under the Appearance settings tab
Poll QuestionWithin this field, you will provide the question that you would like to ask the user.
Poll TypeAllows you to select how the poll is displayed.
For Poll Types see note 1.
Bulk Add / Predefined ChoicesClicking the Bulk Add / Predefined Choices allows you to select a category and customize the predefined choices or paste your own list to bulk add choices. See note 2.
Enable “other” choiceCheck this option to add a text input as the final choice of your poll. This allows the user to specify a value that is not a predefined choice.
Randomize order of choicesRandomizes the choices when displayed to the user.
  1. Poll Types: Drop Down; Radio Button; Checkbox (multi-select)
  2. See this article for more information.

Merge Tags

For more information on the use of merge tags, refer to these articles.


{Field Name:2}


  • The first of these merge tag parameters is optional and is simply the field name for easier identification.
  • The second parameter defines the field ID within the form. In the example above, it would be field ID 2.
  • If accessing a specific option within the field, it can be accessed by separating the values with a period. For example, 2.3 would be the value of the 3rd choice from field ID 2.


This field does not have any modifiers.