Polls Add-On


The Gravity Forms Polls Add-On allows you to quickly and easily deploy Polls on your web site using the power of Gravity Forms. The Polls Add-On allows you to add fields to your form that ask users questions, capture their response, and show them the results of the poll when the form is submitted.

Polls are a great way to interact with your users and receive instant feedback. Don't want to show the user the poll results or want to hide the fact that they are responding to a poll question while still being able to view the results yourself? You can do that too!

With the Gravity Forms Polls Add-On you are not limited to just a single poll question. You can add as many Poll Fields to your form as you'd like.


  • Gravity Forms v1.6.5+
  • WordPress v3.3+

You must have downloaded, installed and activated the add-on.

First Steps

Your likely next steps are covered in this article about creating the form and adding it to your page. After that, you will need to know how to view your poll results.

Further Info

If you want to go deeper, review this article on the available settings for polls.

If you want further detail on poll results, check out this article on resetting results, or this one talking about how the add-on treats results calculations during times of high traffic.

All available articles are listed within the Polls document category that you are in right now. You can see them all in the navigation area to the left of this article, within the Add-Ons user guide area (you may need to scroll down).