Polls Block


You can add a Poll or display Poll Results within a page or post using the WP5 block editor, and the “Poll” block that is automatically included when you install the Polls add-on.

The block editor is a feature of WordPress 5+, and the Poll Block was introduced in Polls add-on v3.3

Inserting the Block

The Poll block is inserted like any other block, and can be found under the Embeds section. Refer to this article for instructions on the various methods available to add a block.

Polls Block Settings

When adding the Poll block, there are some Mode and Appearance settings that you are able to configure. Make sure you have the Gravity Forms + Polls block selected, and the settings will show on the right side inspector.

Polls Block Mode Settings
ModeChoose from the drop down to select either:
Poll: display the poll fields, allowing users to enter their choices.
Results: only displaying poll results, and do not accept any more submissions.
StyleSpecifies the primary color of the bar chart when displaying the poll results. Default: Green.
Display Results PercentagesDisplays the poll results as percentages at the left side of the bar chart. Enabled by default. See example image A.
Display Number of Votes For Each SelectionDisplay the number of votes for each poll selection at the rightmost side of the bar chart for each possible answer. Enabled by default. See example image B.
Display Link to Results Below FormDisplay a link below the form to the poll results within the page. That results page will also offer a link at bottom to return the user back to the poll form. Enabled by default. See example image C.
Display Results Upon SubmissionDisplay the poll results immediately after form submission. Enabled by default.
Sample showing poll results with percentage of votes displayed with results.
Image A: Display Percentage
Sample showing poll results with number of votes displayed with results.
Image B: Display Number
Sample showing poll with a link to the results below the form.
Image C: Display Link to Results

Additional Options

For more information on the universal settings offered on all editor blocks, see this article on block options.